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RK BioElements

The properties and possibilities of RK BioElements are continuously developed and tested – among others in connection with national and international research projects. In order to constantly meet environmental requirements and legislation regarding biological water treatment, RK BioElements are today available in the 4th tested generation. 

The patented asymmetrical design distinguishes itself by ensuring an optimum flow through the filter. Since RK BioElements combine a good flow with a large surface area of 750 m2 / m3, the filters work with very high turnover rates. This makes it possible to achieve environmental gains in the form of a reduced energy and water consumption.

RK BioElements are injection moulded in Polypropylene, which together with the special design gives form stable, uniform elements with great breaking strength and a very long life. The unique design also means that RK BioElements cannot "wedge" together, which ensures an easy and simple cleaning of the filters. 

RK BioElements are delivered in Big Bags of 3 m3 specially designed to optimize freight costs and minimize waste during packaging and transportation.

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